Jason Cordero


Friday 22 April - Saturday 14 May 2022

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Jason Cordero is an Adelaide based artist with a strong interest in concepts of possession, perception and belonging. His practice is focused on painting and ...

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Artist's Statement

Flowers have become symbols to express complex ideas and thought. They form proxies for the inexpressible: joy, grief, ecstasy, mystery, longing, regret, acceptance; an endless list, emotive states, as transient and potent as they are spontaneous, and for which words are often inadequate.

A shadow of such spontaneity, each painting in this body of work created itself, in that there was no initial composition in mind, I simply started to mark the canvas with charcoal and paint, letting the image resolve itself from the confusion, from the uncertainty. The flowers don’t represent actual species, they are as new or transformed as the complexities of the world as it is. Adrift in skies, or overwhelming the ground, the tangles and convergences of flowers reflect something other. Their speechlessness, however, is not silence.