Sum Woon Chow

The painter Joan Mitchell once remarked that the act of painting is ‘feeling living’… ‘the only thing that is both continuous and still’. For me, every brush stroke, every painting, stood for a moment in time, skulking within are the experiences and memories of lives lived. I grew up in Singapore and now live and work in Adelaide. Having exhausted an earlier vocation as a draftsman, I took up studies at the South Australian School of Art, leading to this journey in painting. In my work, nature and the environment are important subjects, for the deeds of humanity have such an impact on nature, and ultimately the well-being of life itself. Finalist in numerous art awards, including the Heysen Prize for Landscape, the Whyalla Art Prize, high commendations for the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize and the Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize, in 2015 I was recipient of the Watershed Art Prize.