Rod Taylor

‘I’m very aware that my work almost always suggests narratives of some kind. However, I have no idea what the narratives are, and I never start a new work with a narrative, political, social, theoretical, or philosophical idea in mind. And, probably for that reason, I always title my works after they are finished. Sometimes, later, I might see how it has connected with my life.

My process is that I simply start with something – a pose, image, shape, colour, compositional idea – that interests me, and I let it develop from there. Sometimes it develops into something that is pictorially promising, and sometimes it doesn’t and I abandon the idea and start something else. Through formal means only – I try to avoid conscious symbolism – I work for a feeling of stillness and order and perhaps a sense of otherness, that could be described as aesthetic resolution, and perhaps the communication of some kind of spiritual and / or, emotional state. When that seems to be achieved and I can’t see anything to add or change, I stop.

It does sometimes puzzle me and probably others, that given that I do not start with anything in mind, how do I know when to stop and call a work finished? It is mysterious, but quite common, I think.’