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Cat.#5 & Cat.#8
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The continuing evolution of my Scent Bottles series….

With similar components and an expanding vocabulary of glass working processes, I have been working on broader and more intricate compositions and conversations in each of these works.

Each one of my pieces is composed of the components that might be required in the construction of a perfume bottle,  but the objects themselves refer more to my belief that a finely  conceived and crafted object, often resembles, and always carries the scent of its maker.

Nick Mount
August 2008


Cat. #3 & Cat. #9 & Cat. #12
Cat. #6
Cat. #7


Cat.# 1 & Cat.# 2




Cat #4
Cat. #10 & Cat. #11
Cat. #13
Cat. #14
Cat. #15
Cat #16 Last February, 2008
Cat #17 My new bike,  2008
Cat #18 Sunday,  2008
Cat #19 India,  2008
Cat #20 Late Arvo,  2008
Cat #21 Figure in the landscape,  2008
Cat #22 My Forest,  2008
Cat #23 Croydon,  2008
Cat #24 Maxine’s Dam,  2008


The work I have produced for this exhibition is the result of my recent investigation
into  the figure in the landscape. I have used this traditional  photographic genre as a departure point for less traditional Lomographic image making.  The focus of the images is on the landscape and I have used the figure as a vehicle to carry the viewer into the composition.

The Holga camera, through its design and manufacture, produces a unique  and naïve quality in the photographic image.  Soft focus, shadowy edges and opportunity to capture a seemingly random and spontaneous image of a carefully considered and staged composition.

The simple construction and controls of the medium format, lomographic, film camera, first manufactured in Russia, produce a distinctive and variable image from low impact equipment.

August 2008