Steve Brown

‘I came to be involved with art via a friend interpreting my dreams when I was travelling in Nepal in 1982. And then later back in Melbourne when I was in Jungian analysis for 2 years. One of the persistent themes of my dreams and my analysis was that my creative life was ‘sick’. So I set about to address that by attending a ceramics summer school at Melbourne University that eventually led to me enrolling in degrees in ceramics and sculpture. Years later, after I had given up art and was working as a counsellor, I discovered Buddhism. For the past 40 years I’ve been a practising Zen Buddhist, and my Zen group consists mainly of painters. One of the group members runs an all-abilities art group, and I joined and discovered painting. I attempt to make my painting an expression of Zen practice – minimal planning, minimal forethought, fully present in my activity, allowing the work to unfold, by itself, moment by moment.’ Steve Brown, artist.