Patrick Dagg

Patrick Dagg’s work looks at systems and hierarchies that exist around us, particularly in regard to the notions of value and taste. Drawing on found materials, graffiti and low-art traditions, Dagg aims to draw attention to the faddish consumption models and indulgent behaviours of contemporary culture. Working across a variety of mediums, his practice examines the greater mechanisms at work, whether in a social or institutional sense and attempts to invert or disrupt them.

Dagg makes use of collage as a vehicle to challenge accepted norms within the medium of painting. Individual paintings are made up of a combination of different sized and coloured pieces of paper, as well as different sized scraps of canvas. This allows images within works to be scaled up and down, as well as providing the artist with stacks of material, built up over time, that await their migration to the canvas. Sampling from various source materials, Dagg’s collaged components fall out of their original context, forming new ones upon the canvas.