Karen Genoff

Over the past 12 years, Karen Genoff’s solo exhibition work has bravely and cleverly engaged the public in her own personal narrative of ‘home and hearth’, celebrating and challenging what it means to be a woman and an artist. Genoff sees her assemblages as the best way to engage with materials and play with ideas.

‘I am always pirating away objects collected from around my sources in Adelaide. I store them, ponder them and when the concept clarifies itself, I seek them out to assemble. These works are often embellished with my embossing of aluminium or the inclusion of photo collage. It offers a breadth of approaches with the inclusion of found objects, creating patterns with my simple inkjet printer…Just let me embrace the concept and I will assemble… let the materials collide and they always speak to me… let me move everything around until it feels right to me. Let me layer, or take a layer away, eliminate…they always start talking to each other.’  Karen Genoff, artist.