Michelle Jones


Exhibited: Friday 26 October - Saturday 17 November 2012

Artist's Resume

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Artist's Statement

In 2009 I graduated from Adelaide Central School of Art. My work at this time produced a dual narrative. One story explored the materiality of paint, painting's historical legacy and its relationship with photography. The other narrative stemmed from the content of my paintings, thoughts about consumption, artificiality and man's manipulation of nature.

My second solo exhibition at BMGART reveals a further exploration of these ideas. However, several paintings have been influenced by a recent trip to Antarctica. Making the transition from a modern, safe, artificial, urban environment, to being immersed in a wild, dangerous, pristine, isolated, breathtakingly beautiful landscape has made me reflect more on the binary nature of life.

Torn. Torn between good and bad.
Torn between light and dark.
Torn between beauty and decay.
Torn between abstraction and reality.
Torn between nature and artificiality.
Torn between pleasure and pain.
Torn between life and death.

Michelle Jones October 2012